Attorney Honored with a 2017 Chippewa River Baseball League Award

Attorney Garrett Nix of Weld Riley, S.C. has been honored as a 2017 Chippewa Rivers Baseball League award recipient and has lead a local baseball team to a league championship.

Nix was awarded the 2017 Jan Krueger Memorial Manager of the Year award for his time managing the Osseo Merchants, who finished the year 22-1.

“I am thankful that my peer managers selected me as the recipient of the 2017 Jan Krueger Memorial Manager of the Year award and it is a direct reflection of having a group of extremely talented players,” said Nix.

Garrett Nix is a player and manager for the Osseo Merchants. For the past four years he has helped the team win two league championships. During the 2017 title game against the Eau Claire Cavaliers, Nix went 2-for-3 with a double and run.

For the second straight season, the Osseo Merchants of the Chippewa Rivers Baseball League has won the league championship. The Chippewa Rivers Baseball League is an amateur baseball league in the Chippewa Valley comprised of 12 area teams.

Nix adds, “Coaching is very enjoyable when you have high quality players with good attitudes, which I have been fortunate to have over the past four years.”