New Law Makes It More Affordable to Get Divorced

A new exemption is making it much easier and more affordable to get divorced. A new part of the family law allows divorcing couples to come to an amicable agreement faster and easier by only hiring one attorney to draft their divorce papers.
“This new exemption is a great alternative for couples who know what they want out of the divorce and are just confused about the process,” said experienced Weld Riley, S.C. family attorney Emily Long.
With the new exemption, couples can hire one attorney to work with both parties to mediate any discrepancies and come to a final agreement for their divorce, instead of each party having to hire their own attorney. This saves time and money for both parties involved.
Long added, “If you know what you want out of a divorce, and you don’t foresee any heated legal battles ahead for you and your spouse, family law attorneys like myself can draft all of the documents you need to head to court without having the back and forth between two separate attorneys.”
If couples do decide to go this route, Long says the attorney who drafts the documents for both parties won’t be able to go to court with them. But by that point in the process she says, everything should already be in order.