A Facebook beneficiary? Leave your iTunes library to someone in your will?

Think back to a time when someone from your family passed away and they left you and your loved ones some jewelry, the family photo albums and maybe a special collection of vinyl records. Those things were likely covered in the estate documents, right?

Today’s music is mostly digital and our photos are more likely on the “cloud” instead of in albums. That’s why there are new tips on the future of estate planning coming from the attorneys at Weld Riley.

Attorney Cindy L. Hangartner, with Weld Riley, says, “If you want your loved ones to have legal access to your Facebook page or Twitter account, you need to have signed estate planning documents authorizing access. Otherwise, those accounts will at best, be frozen and at worst, will disappear over time.”

Hangartner also says it’s not enough just to leave your password in a safe place in case something happens to you. Remember those service agreements you just clicked “yes” on when they popped up? They likely prevent you from sharing that password or access to your digital life. “Your family or friends may be able to see you have x-number of photos or messages in a given social media account. But unless they have legal access, they’ll never know if those are something worth preserving, like baby photos. That’s why updating your powers of attorney and related estate planning documents can be so important,” Hangartner added.

Attorney Cindy L. Hangartner is a shareholder with Weld Riley, S.C. Cindy advises clients in the areas of estate planning, probate, tax, farm and business succession planning, and business and corporate law with an emphasis on non-profit organizations.

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