Mediation Services

Mediation Lawyers in Eau Claire, Menomonie, and Black River Falls

Experienced Civil Mediation Lawyers with an Impressive Track Record

The goal of mediation is to settle a legal dispute by having a neutral third party pursue an agreeable resolution. The experienced mediators at Weld Riley strive to meet that goal, minimizing the financial and emotional burdens of a trial.

The attorneys at our firm possess essential characteristics of effective mediators, including impartiality, objectivity, and the ability to analyze the factual, legal, and emotional aspects of claims, while communicating in a manner that lessens conflict and promotes resolution.

Several attorneys at our firm have built a strong record of helping parties resolve matters in both court-ordered and voluntary mediation proceedings. Our firm also represents individual parties in cases that go into mediation. To discuss how we can help you resolve a dispute through mediation or an alternative dispute resolution, please contact our offices in Eau Claire and Menomonie.

One of the largest firms in the region with offices in Eau Claire, Menomonie, Black River Falls, and Wausau, Weld Riley is ideally suited to provide the assistance you need. Contact us for a consultation today!